Wrinkle treatment (Botulinum toxin A injection)

Treatment theory

Lines on the face are caused by the natural ageing process of the skin, external influences (e.g. sunlight) and specific habits (e.g. smoking or staying in the sun for too long). One of the main factors in the formation of lines is the activity of the numerous face muscles under the skin that we often use unconsciously in our gestures, like when we frown. The wrinkle treatment with Botulinum toxin A (Botox) injection aims to restore the balance of the face muscles and relax overactive muscles – such as those located between the brows (anger lines). The effect is a generally visible relaxation of the expression («You don’t look so down»); at the same time, the treated person also performs more relaxed facial expressions («Things don’t press like they used to»).

The injection of Botox / Botulinum toxin A (generally known as Vistabel® after the name of the product) impedes the transmission of nerve impulses that trigger the contraction of the muscles and hence help to cause wrinkles to form. Depending on the dosage, the movement is completely blocked or it is only restricted in order to prevent a mask-like, expressionless face emerging. Vistabel® is especially suitable for reducing frown lines.

Treatment duration

15-30 minutes.


Not necessary; cooling with a cold-pack makes it easier to tolerate the fine pinpricks.


The injection of Vistabel® is generally well-tolerated, although temporary side-effects may occur: a small bruise may form at the injection site immediately after the injection, but that can be covered by make-up and normally disappears again after 2-3 days. In very rare cases, the upper lid may hang temporarily.

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